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Facebook e-mailIf you use Facebook, a popular social networking site, then you probably know that recently, Facebook started a new e-mailing service. This new emailing service also called as “Social Inbox”. If you know, how to create e-mail ID then this is Good but if don’t then no worry. After reading this post you will be able to create your own Facebook e-mail ID. E-Mail ID inbox
To create Facebook e-mail ID, You must have an Facebook invitation.

Procedure to Get e-mail ID or account:

  • First you should have a Facebook Username. If you don’t have it, get one here.
  • After having username you need to to apply for an invitation here. When your invitation is ready, Facebook will send you a notification.
  • After getting a notification, Facebook will guide you step by step to configure your Facebook Mail. You will have to configure your phone number so that your friends can send you a message directly to your phone.
  • After configuring all this your own Facebook Mail will be ready to use and you can send emails across any domains through your email id.

Benefits of E-mail ID or Account:

  • Your own personalized mail id.
  • Send and receive emails just like any other email service out there.
  • Facebook felt that there was no need for the subject line and people just used to fill it with “Hi” or “Hello” so they removed it.
  • No “Send” button press “Enter” and the message is sent. You have the option to toggle between having a send button or not. It’s entirely upon you.
  • Attach a file, a picture or a video from a webcam.
  • Receive emails on your phone free.
  • Now all your chatlogs will be saved in your Facebook Inbox.

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