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BASED ON NOKIA C6 v11.0.29

Latest Release : v2.1 dated 26/october/2010


1. Added New startup and shut down images. Matches with the default theme.
2. Startup sound removed.
3. Startup animation removed, this will ensure faster booting of the phone.
4. Startup mega mod, disabled startup of all the unnecessary processes. No more ram logging by useless processes at startup. Obtain maximum possible free Ram. 
5. The unintentional Nokia startup msg sending disabled.
6. Sound wave theme replaced by nokia N97 brown theme.
7. All other themes removed. Nokia N8 orange theme added as the default theme.
8. New lite theme effects added. Contain effects only in rotation, highlighting and option menu. Fast, smooth and eye catchy while rotating.
9. New N8 fonts added, crisp and clear.
10. Homescreen widgets reorganised by default.
11. Added extra shortcut widget for homescreen, now you can get maximum 4 shortcut widgets.
12. New menu mod by luziq, modified for better organisation and clean look.
13. Disabled clock & calendar from staying in background after you exit them. More free Ram for longer duration.
14. Enabled Message, Contacts and Logs stay after exit for faster user experience.
15. N8 smooth and practical screen rotation mod added. Now no more unintentional rotation of screen.
16. Rotation sensors enabled by default.
17. Added tapping sensors options in settings. Disabled by default.
18. No more sms notification popup, good when using applications like iSMS, full screen msg, etc or using nokia notifier widget.
19. General Profile name changed to "Reborn".
20. Music player only search music files placed in Music folder in Memory Card. Music folder will be automatically created in MMC.
21. Now all music files will also be shown in profile ringtone selection. Also you can Create a folder "ringtones" in MMC and put your ringtones there. They will only be visible in profile option.
22. Lock/unlock vibration removed. Saves battery.
23. Gallery mod optimised for many applications like slideunlock, ifreesms, etc. If you want any images not to be shown in gallery, simply create a folder "wallpapers" in MMC and put your walls and pics there.
24. Completely Removed applications
- quick office
- adobe reader
- drawing
- ovi store (One touch installation added
- zip touch
25. Only two applications available by default. Nokia Filebrowser and Rompatcher+. Patches will automatically be copied to memory card after flashing.
26. Get 81mb space in C drive.
27. Removed all the unnecessary sounds and ringtones to have more space.
28. Increased the device lock period for user convenience.
29. Menu busy circle changed with Satio busy circle.
30. Delivery Reports are on by default.
31. Warning tones are off by default. 
32. Default browser RSS personalised to match with default theme.
33. Ovi Contacts disabled. Save more battery and Ram.
34. Disabled auto rotation while calling and in dialer mode. No more slow down.
35. Removed messaging lag. inbox does not lag even with 5000+ msgs (personally tested :-))
36. Removed FOTA Cache - Gain 5 MB of wasted space in C,as you cannot update C6-5800 thru FOTA.
37. Removed update option while accessing phone properties via *#0000#
38. Camera exits completely on exit. Saves battery and Ram.
39. Reduced Application Close Delay Time.
40. The default Heap Size has been doubled from the default value.
41. Removed show open apps option. 
42. Wifi sensitivity significantly improved.
43. Now you can send all the protected files like sis, sisx, jar, etc from phone browser itself via bluetooth.
44. Bluetooth name changed to Nokia 5800 C6 Reborn.
45. Downloads will resume in default browser even if you restart your phone.
46. Fully working Message Reader. All the bugs fixed.
47. Saved msg increased to 900.
48. Phone will be detected as Nokia 5800 in PC and as Nokia N97 while accessing net via mobile, like in ovi store.
49. Light behaviour is 99% fixed. Rule files of N97 has been used.
50. All the default bookmarks has been removed. Added only
51. Removed share online from photo homescreen.
52. Removed Ovi music from music homescreen.
53. Music player optimised. Back to menu after exiting bug fixed.
54. Camera quality optimised.
55. The new email option bug fixed in messaging.
56. Call duration and call summary on by default.
57. ... And more...


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rapidshare link

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How to Flash:


open jaf, select BB5 tab,
tick: Manual Flash and Dead USB
untick: CRT 308

Click on MCU and browse to file RM-356_51.0.006_prd.core.C0r
Click on PPM and browse to file Nokia_Reborn_RM-356_51.0.006_prd.rofs2.V01
Click on APE Variant and browse to file RM-356_51.0.006_026_000_U01.uda.fpsx

Click Flash, Done...!!!


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