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Opera Mini Mod 4.2 TesT 8 Rev 3 English Translated By Priatama (Opmodt8r3.jar)

=> When you view the cache to disk, you can choose form the list: only the file names, file names and addresses, file names and the title page and all the data. Also changed database format. When you install the new version will overwrite the old database. If, after this run the previous version, the database will be unreadable and you should remove it manually.
=> Support for the loader domain with Cyrillic names (http://пример.испытание).Test.

=> In the menu item "Image" is available discovery, download and info about the link. The very point the "Picture" taken out of navigation menu in the menu page.
=> For the cache to disk can be disabled control the size of the folder with the pages - probably will increase the speed record in the cache.
=> Download (loader OM) and uploading files can be used in the various panels together. It was: only one upload at one time and only one download.
=> In the setting of the "Navigation" can include processing clicking on the stylus commands soft keys when the bottom panel is invisible.
=> Direct water off to find the page.
=> Change the file format export bookmarks. Modified algorithm imports.
=> Permitted timeout increased to 600sec. The same value is used to boot and opening pages.

=> audio player did not turn together with the screen. Change the draw.
=> The transition from the local links (for those that begin with "#"), not work when the cache on the disk.
=> Edit closing connections in the file, loader and cache on the disk.
=> If you specify a folder with the saved pages in this folder has been "broken" page, then follow her page is not added to the list.
=> Edit switch panel stylus. Edit the behavior of a network error.
=> Edit opening / closing the boot status in different panels.
=> at Nokia hourglass icon appearance caused by the superposition of the text on the top curb.
=> injection in the pause before the set time, it was impossible to be manually restarted.
=> When you view the text consistent carriage return (0x0D) and line feed (0x0A) displayed as two line breaks.
=> When you open a page from disk was a mistake, then saved the page overlap.
=> If you add a link to a bookmark, then at the first edit did not work search the names and icons.
=> Edit opening links to the file system.
=> Edit the installation and display the status of the download page.
=> Edit exceptions keypad lock in long processes in the background and moving forward (#+#).
=> After closing the panel could not run the shortcut menu.
=> When you import a color scheme, the value of shade could be negative.
=> Edit on the disk cache: not all data from a page (file upload) are stored in the cache.
=> Item shortcut \ navigation menu "View Image" was not available for display and use.
=> Handling errors "broken" page, in the alternative on the disk cache.
=> "Hot" Panel: windows updates the current page.
=> On the pages with fixation shift up and down (all listings), when "duty" to move up / down, the situation did not reach the extreme values.
=> Off "AutoComplete address" does not work directly input.
=> Closing the settings, open the page, taken from an alternative cache again swerved this page in the history of themovement.
=> Tip url, which appeared in the "duty" to move through links maintained at the screen until you release the movement keys.

=====> as said by uncle 'G'

Show thumbnail => useful when upload an image, if this option checked, then while u browse ur saved images for uploading, it will show both a thumbnail and filename of ur images.

Alt. Input field + alt. Title input field => animation/flying/moving 'Title' text while typing in input field(?), i.e: google search box. It's just a 'decorations', disable for saving ram being used by opera

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