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Change Log:
=> Animated closing of windows via the window list.
=> When displaying an alert command is "Copy."
=> shortcut screenshot does not delete an active alert. Alert removes the appearance information, that picture was taken successfully.
=> Changes in the closing panels, you can close all the panels or single panel. This creates a new panel and open start page.
=> Tip of the link could re-appear again, if the selected link was not moving to another, but a keystroke occurred.
=> Iterating melody, playing on the list, the playback window could disappear.
=> Controlling the size of the cache to disk to choose from:
-The size of the cache folder;
-The number of cached pages.
=> Changes in the loader. Change data capture their input fields. To control the correctness of the path, changes to bookmarks and more.
=> When you export bookmarks file name is going out of the included data:
"Bkm_" - which included a bookmark;
"Exp_" - favorites from the Express-panel;
"Srch_" - a list of search engines.
=> Number of pages cached in memory (for attributes page for the cache to disk) set in the configuration of navigation.
=> Changing the size of the history of the smaller side, removes the "extra" entries from the history.
=> With the direct input address, the allocation of items that appears in the list is for: the presence of matching addresses on the first list or the introduction of space - on the search. If the list is only a search and select Insert symbol, then go to the list will not be.

=> Bugfix changing the size of the history.
=> Edit take a page from the cache to disk. Processing cache pages on disk in the presence of its record in the database.
=> Edit display an hourglass.
=> Edit status display menu.
=> Edit opening of the new \ window background links from your bookmarks.
=> menu item Clear history was not active without the release of any records of history.
=> Edit display the status of upload files in different panels.
=> Edit import bookmarks.
=> Edit control lighting.
=> Edit import bookmarks.
=> Edit menu item "Open image \ Open Without image".
=> Report replacement character "CARRIAGE RETURN" ('\ r', 13, 0x0D) to "LINE FEED" ('\ n', 10, 0x0A) when editing caused extra newline.
=> With the direct input, in the "abc2abv" and "abv2abc", long retention not enter a digit, and the last character.
=> Jackdaw to add the default name "New Folder" does not affect all types to create a folder.
=> Edit conduct in the capture of the cache "bat" page.
=> When you upload the file, if swap panels, it shows incorrect information in the status bar.
=> Saved pages from the start page in a new / background window open as a reference.
=> Edit provisions render the context menu.
=> Item "Image" from the context menu in the navigation menu, which refreshes the page to display images, not working properly.
=> When you unload file the bottom bar does not display information about the size.
=> were not in the cache on the disk pages with local references in the address.

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