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The HX Team proudly presents:

in cooperation with PNHT and especially Szakalit, HX-patcher by Panagiotis, MAIN-Firmware by hyperX

Everytime i present you a new release, i write about, “This is my best release ever” but this time, no other version has taken so much time….. that this time i can say, it was the hardest release ever.
More tweaks/features = more work to do, ..... it´s a full-time job, but i´m proud of it that the name HX has become so famous.
And because of that, i will not dissapoint you.

Most of the old tweaks are still there, so if you want to have a look what´s still in this firmware: Download old changelog: DOWNLOAD

Easy to understand installation process…..
All patches in ROMPATCHER disabled, the phone is now 100 % full hacked without any 3rd party app (hardcoded by PNHT)
SE-Certificate, install java apps such as Facebook from Sony erriccon (mostly need jar and Jad) (Download)
added Mini-qwerty on ALL peninput modes, and for ALL available languages hardcoded by PNHT
added Autorotate keypad from portrait to landscape Fullscreen-qwerty keyboard. hardcoded by PNHT
enabled anoying autorotate in default E-mail editor (was only portrait before) hardcoded
fixed Musicplayer – smooth kinetic-scroll and full Theme customization hardcoded
hacked toneserver, FULL-system-sounds customization, now put your prefered sound you like on: e:\system\sounds\* replace the musicfile with a new one (still wav format)
new Kastor-effects made by ??? (tell me if you know which one these are)
Back to modded precision Theme (by sceriffo) it´s it is demonstrably the fastest theme (tested)
Back to bright keys QWERTY keyboard, as these keys can be customized via theme
samsungtoolbar.mif on e:\resource\apps\ can be changed (icons for widget homescreen)
also icons for Fingeruse/basic can be changed at: e:\private\10207254\themes\271012080\270513751\* (ss60_toolbar_icons.mif)
New and better keylock function, as i has been anounced, ( goes to Timo Kauppinen from please visit his site for more wonderfull apps !) want old keypad back ? uninstall lockscreen and install patch: Download
NO QT integrated due to compatibility for the apps that needs different QT versions ! It´s recommended to install the modded n2o3 QT package ! (not the firmware )
New better, faster brighter Homescreen slide the icons from left to right or right to left to start the app ! ( goes to andrecavallari) All shortcuts can be customized on e:\BlueSpectrum_home open shortcuts.xml and edit it´s UID to the one you like ! If you want the old Samsung widget-homescreen back, uninstall bluespectrum and install: Default-Widget-homescreen or Cube-widget-homescreen
Messaging-app customization with the SMS app you prefer ! Install: Conversation-app Thread-SMS or Free-isms (1.03 free version) to have one of the apps integrated in the messaging-app !
memory-card-showing is back some people have requested it

what´s new in HX-patcher? 
“System” Change BrowserID on the fly, if you want to use TrackID you need the SE-Vivaz ID ! If you want to download e.g. orange maps, you need to go back to the original Samsungi8910 ID. As for the OVI-store sometimes you need N97 and sometimes X6 is better.
“Camcorder” it was requested by many users, so now you can change on the fly the jpeg codec you prefer from i8910, i8510,Vivaz, and new, the motorolla milestone (prefer this codec) codec will be changed, but the last setting won´t be saved,  for this bug, it´s minor but will be fixed next time.
changing apps from “3d-navigation” should now work on the fly, but i would recommend to REBOOT after you change an app !
“Orientation-mode” force the application to use portrait/landscape or HW specified setting ! Now you can listen to music without the anoying album rotate and so on….. 
“Backup” not yet implemented…... coming soon.

Thanks goes to Steve Litchfield from for beta-testing ! 

UPDATE 2.9.2010:

E.g. German Keyboard (also available with english letters)

English mini-qwerty (e.g.)

white square is fixed (on no E and 3G connection)
memorycard icon is removed again, both bugs were related to hxpatcher
jpeg-codec-not saved by hx-patcher – fixed
Samsung Homescreen and livewallpaper on e:\ FIXED …... if you want the “cube” SamsungHS then download and replace e:\gadget.swf with this one: DOWNLOAD

How to re-enable Live-wallpaper (only for experience users):
Download and install This package and delete e:\resource\apps\samsungtoolbar.mif to have fullscreen HS, now you can copy your custom HS to e:\ (replace gadget.swf) (don´t forget to reboot after doing that)
If you want to re-enable the old homescreen-modes such as Finger-use or Tsunami HS uninstall the old package and install This package ........ note that if you do something wrong you can mess-up your homescreen. Only do this if you know what you are doing 

4-row keyboard for EN-DE (fullscreen and mini qwerty)
bgluespectrumHS 2.0 updated.
Lockscreen-removed will be back until Timo can fix all bugs
Folder delay fix – no delay when entering big folders ! (only working in portrait-mode, in landscape it must reload)

enable: The device supports for vector floating-point (VFP) architecture (better nokia compability)
added: Camcorder requires support from the Asynchronous File Save Queue. (can produce smoother videos in 720p)
added feature: enables user to response (for example answer) and unlock screen through sliders (but not yet in software implemented) 

Download Main localization with English, German, Italian, France and spain


Download Main Russian, Greek, Dutch

DownloadMain Chinese

Download Main slovenia slovak, Czech

Download Main turkish,english

Download English,norsk, dansk, Suomi, Svenska, arabic.

600 Mhz max original speed: 

900 Mhz max. Clock speed:

FPC Benchmark CPU 2M multi thread:

600 Mhz max original speed: 


900 Mhz max. Clock speed:

How To Flash

The only way you can flash is through Windows XP 

1. Install Microsoft’s MS XML

2. Then install the i8910 HD Flashing drivers. At this point it might pay to reset your machine to insure the drivers install correctly.

Firstly a warning, before we flash the phone. Make sure its full charged. Please note that flashing your phone will void your warranty. Also do not disconnect your phone or power off your computer when flashing! Otherwise you will have yourself a nice shiny black brick.

3. Start the downloaded HyperX firmware. (the .exe file, on your computer.) You can see the program, but can’t click the start button.

4. Shutdown your I8910 and start it with volume button up + lock key pressed. (if its done correctly, you will see the bootloader, a blue screen)

5. Connect the phone with usb, and you will see that you can press the start button in the program to flash the firmware!

6.Don´t format e:\ after flashing !
Files (I8910 Flashdrivers + Microsoft’s MS XML)


How to flash HX firmware on Windows 7

1. Install Sun Virtualbox from Downloads, normal install..
3. Open virtual box and create a new virtual machine using your virtual XP installation as the virtual hard drive..
4. Before powering on your virtual machine go into settings and under the USB section create two new filters, leave the details blank..
5. Start your virtual machine. It will finish installing XP..
6. Put all of your files i.e. HX firmware, drivers, ROM flashing tool and MSMXL.msi onto a USB drive.
7. In the virtualbox window click on devices and go to USB devices and click on the USB drive. It should show upin your virtual machine..
8. Install MSMXL.msi and all of your driver files as you would normally
9. Run the .exe firmware file. ROM flashing tool will open..
10. Plug in your phone to a USB port. It should be recognised..
11. Remove it and put it into bootloader mode and reconnect. The download start button should be available to click.

Add your comment if you flashed your phone with it

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