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zntxhan 2.50 Fixed By Rainbow

Software name: zntxhan
Software version: v2.05
Software author:rainbow
Software requirement:Python v1.4.5 and script shell with module pack v1.33.5
Official website:

Software update:-
1.80 New App list finished.Search for mobile reference principle of localization, App listwill remember ’ve already HanChinese, the search or only search in English. Key _list suffixfile, it should not delete or refresh the app from the options list.
-1.81 Amendment to the folder name is too long crash. Increasethe list of export capability.
-1.85 If Google translation fails,you can find the web pagesource code translation of the Chinese, the Chinese character son both sides is that the software used to search the Chinese term basis, then fromthe options set up Google translation, first set the endpoint, and then began to setup point. App amended list ofsearch addresses the serious dislocation Bug. Special thanks to the ancient Feng pointedout that this problem.
-2.00 New version of Exe Shelling packers three functions.
-2.03 packers shelling compatible support for twoversions of an executable file(such as app), to increase theprogress bar shows thatincreased localization revocation list function,revoked can see history,choose one to withdraw. Canbe set up to withdraw theirown number. increase in the Vietnamese language.
-2.04 Support Cmnet access point, you can set the access point settings. Online dictionary can be set to the default Google translate the local language settings for dial-up translation when translated into the metalanguage.
-2.05 no change log is available

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