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Smartworkspace v0.4 English by I_placebo(unsigned) Without Sensor

Description of nego.SmartWorkspace program complements (or for someone replacing) Active mode original, emitting a small bar from the applications for their fast start (see screenshot).
What's new in version 0.4?
[New] Full support for sensors (Transparency truth do not work, but I think it is not so bad).
[New] Instant hiding (the transition from the desktop to any other application). [New] Minor fixes.
[Fix] Fixed bugs:
1. When freezing keyboard bar does not intercept the keys. [Important] application runs in the background. So no need for him to click a few, no way by not slow down the work of the menu, it all depends on the performance of your phone.Dlya to check whether this, disable the program and go to the menu from the desktop, and you will see that while phone podvisaet.U application no graphical interface, and perform a configuration file!: / private/eacceee1/Settings.ini, instructions can be found in!: / private/eacceee1/Using SETTINGS.INI. txt).
User manual:
And so. First what the program:the program is in addition (and for some specific rotation) of the active standby mode(in people:6 iconcheck in office. Table).What we have at this stage of time:
1. Select any number of applications(of course within reasonable limits).2. Adjustment of the minibar (very accurate and on-axis).
3. Customize the size of the minibar(exact).4. Setting minibar in portret mode and in the landscape.
5. Support the accelerometer is a dynamic change in the orientation of the screen.6. Activation and deactivation of the minibar arbitrary button (need KeyCode).
7. Choice of vertical or horizontal position minibar.Then, in fact, proceed to configure itself minibar.
Remembering where to install the program and are moving on a given path.!- The name of the disk where the program is installed.
File Settings.ini open to any third-party text editor.1. We find [MBApplications]
below UIDs Write the necessary programs in the format 0x12345678UIDs can see a variety of software (I use jbaktaskman).
Note: Each new UID Write the new line.2. We find [MBSettings]
Below are seeing KeyCode=8(in my case for the key c (removal))Function is responsible for the key activation and deactivation ofthe minibar.
Write the your KEYkod, without losing space after the equals sign.Note:I am looking KEYkody with in Python(feature Run Script)3. Further we have:
PortraitPosition (Position minibar for portrait mode)
LandscapePosition(Position minibar for landscape modes)Possible 5 values.
1)OnCBA - horizontal bar on the function button(the bottom).2)AboveCBA - horizontal bar above the buttons functions.
3) RightVertical - the vertical bar on the right(as in 9.3, only the right).4)LeftVertical - the vertical bar on the left(as in 9.3).
5)Rect(1, 2, 3, 4) - Installation of any provision of the bar, while program itself determines the vertical or horizontal bar would be.1 - abscissa of the upper-left point (axis X)2 - its ordinate (axis Y)
3 - abscissa of the right lower point(axis X)4 -, respectively, of the ordinate (axis Y)
4. The penultimate stage of our testing:Autostart - Autostart (start automatically).
- if we indicate Enable, then activated.- If Disable - deactivated.
5. Checklist and the final setup item is:-)DynamicLayoutSwitch - dynamic screen orientation change (change of orientation of the coup).- If we indicate Enable, then activated.
- if Disable - deactivated.
6. The final stage will be set to save the file. Clicking on the icon of the program. Running out of it.7. The last thing we come into the program. Click to hide.Download From Here

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