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N-Desk, managing your applications easily! challenging iphone!

Anti-N Desktop is a desktop enhancement S60v5 Iphone desktop software, specific functions are as follows:
1. Smallest desktop, 150K in size, is almost unbelievable that it actually is a function of gorgeous desktop.
2. The smallest footprint desktop, this version does not select the background image in the case of memory than previous versions of the 1 / 2.
3. The only one to support different desktop icon layout that can support 5 x 3, 5 by 4, 6 x 3, 6 by 4.
4. Can be about the same as the iphone is very, very smooth sliding and desktop software, this version definitely smoother than the previous version of N times.
5. To exchange the same as the iphone desktop icon positions.
6. The icon layout, style S60 still able to maintain order, and not blindly imitate the desktop software (set to help in the detailed description.)
7. Be able to choose their favorite color, color of the software image into any desktop software.
8. Performance is very very stable desktop.
9. Lets desktop users feel arbitrary.

Version update:

1. Increase the variety of icon arrangement mode: 5 rows by 3 columns, 5 rows by 4 columns, 6 rows by 3 columns, 6 rows by 4 columns.
2. Memory optimization. Less than the volume occupied half of the previous version.
3. Optimize the speed of sliding around.
4. Optimize the icon to load.
5. The theme folder to read images directly in the picture.
6. To further beautify the interface. Beautify the shortcut bar, status bar, battery, battery pictures. And reflection on the shortcut bar by adding a beautiful effect.
7. Picture coloring added brightness factors, greatly expand the scope of the user's choice.
8. Choose a background image when adding images to read the directory and filter out the large picture is too small to speed up image loading speed.
9. Newly installed program icons to the end, not the top.
10. The status bar icon to join the lock-screen instructions.
11. Software icon is too long, will end with an ellipsis.
12. Click the icon to the effect of semi-permeable, remove the original white borders.
13. To solve many exchange of icons, the icon will shift the location problem.
14. Perfect to use to help explain in detail the arrangement of N rules the desktop icon.
15. Optimize the software architecture, make the software more robust, more stable, according to the white keys cut will not occur again after the desktop interface less than N the situation

Download Here 

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