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mShell v3.5.12 S60v3/S60v5 SymbianOS9.x- Smart Phone Programming-(Update:14.04.10)

mShell v3.5.12 S60v3/S60v5 SymbianOS9.x- Smart Phone Programming-(Update:14.04.10)

mShell is a complete, unlimited m implementation with comprehensive function library. m scripts and own modules can be run, developed, and communicated. In addition, it contains the applications mSupervisor (m script autostart, SMS control of mShell) and mViewer (m file type recognition).
* mShell Full Edition
* mSupervisor and mViewer
* Tutorial (PDF)
* Reference Manual (PDF)
* Library Manual (PDF)
* Supervisor Manual (PDF)Features:
* m control center and development environment
* Compiler for standalone applications
* Full m implementation
* Interactive shell
* Context sensitve help
* Input assistant
* Send scripts and modules
* m script autostart on phone powerup
* Remote control of mShell via SMS
* m file type recognition
* Comprehensive function library
Module Library: Fundamental Modules
* Builtin Functions and Constants
* array: Array Functions
* files: File and Directory Access
* io: File and Stream Input/Output
* system: System Related Functions
* time: Time and Date Functions
* zip: ZIP Archives
User Interface
* graph: Screen Graphics
* light: Device Lighting
* ui: User Interface Functions
* vibra: Vibration ControlMathematics
* bigint: Arbitrarily Large Integers
* math: Mathematical FunctionsPersonal Data
* agenda: Agenda Database
* contacts: Contacts
Database Communications
* bt: Bluetooth Communication
* comm: Serial Communications
* net: TCP/IP NetworkingMessaging
* mail: e-mail Messages
* mms: Multimedia Messages
* msg: Generic Message Access
* obex: Object Exchange Client
* sms: Short MessagesMultimedia
* audio: Playing and Recording Sounds
* cam: Onboard Camera
* video: Playing and Recording VideosTelephony
* gsm: GSM information
* phone: Phone CallsApplications and Processes
* app: Application Control
* async: Asynchronous Function Streams
* proc: m ProcessesEnvironment
* accel: Accelerator Measurements
* location: Location (GPS) Information
Change Log :
· app.capture() registers a certain key event, for processing by ui.cmd, regardless· whether m has the keyboard focus or not.
· module calendar now supports to get or set the description field of an entry and its synchronization mode (public, private, none).
· new module cam2. Basically the same as module cam but with extended functionality like support for (auto) focus or setting the flash mode.
· files.wait() waits for the contents of a directory being updated, i.e. a file in this
· directory being created, renamed, or deleted.
·, y, degrees) has an optional third parameter to rotate the view in steps of 90 degrees.
· system.lock() allows to get and set the system wide key lock state in a m script.
· ui.form() does no longer silently ignore the dialog title on S60 devices, it will be displayed in the application title bar instead.
· ui.label() allows to get/set the labels of the left and right soft button (S60) or the text in the application title bar. Together with flag ui.opt2, when declaring interest in keyboard events by means of ui.keys(), it's now possible to completely overwrite the standard behavior of the mShell soft keys.
· better exception handling, especially in module async.
· on S60 5th Ed devices the Return-key will be treated the same as the Go-key. Makes mShell better usable on devices with a keyboard, but no five way navigation button, like the Nokia N97 mini.

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