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Microsoft Windows 8 Details Leaked

The plan details for Windows 8 has leaked and according to leaked documents, facial recognition and tablet computers apparently a part of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8. Leaked documents detailing Microsoft’s initial thoughts on the development of Windows 8 have surfaced on the internet. Microsoft is paying attention to Apple while planning Windows 8. The prototype look like just as apple's. Microsoft alao focusing on energy efficiency areas on Windows 8.

Other key features included a focus on improving start-up times, which have previously been cited by consumer groups as a cause of frustration, as well as an easy way to reset PCs to their default settings without deleting users’ information.
The PowerPoint presentation, apparently aimed at an HP executive and dated April 2010, suggested that facial recognition for log in and compatibility with a range of new computers and tablets could be a key part of the forthcoming product. The original leak has since been taken down, but a number of bloggers provide analysis and screenshots.

Now, it looks like that focus is back for Help and Support on Windows 8 and the aim is to help user. The forthcoming Internet Explorer 9 is also mention as integral to the new ideas. Microsoft appears to be planning functionality for a reset button that will essentially reinstall Windows while maintaining all of your personal files, applications, settings, etc. without the need for the user to back all of that stuff up. A scenario is presented in one of these slides to demonstrate how it would work. 

Windows 8 Introduces “Windows Store,” Microsoft’s App Store for Windows. it will be an application store which will allow you to purchase applications for Windows (and perhaps Microsoft mobile devices as well, such as Windows Phone, Zune HD, etc.). All the information is thought to represent Microsoft’s first thoughts about Windows 8, it demonstrates that the new operating system is at a stage where the company can begin sharing its ideas with PC partners. There is no indication of user interface changes, although there is a picture of an all-in-one PC. This is thought to be for illustrative purposes only, however. Windows 8 is expected to be released in 2012 and the leaked information rise the eagerness to see the Windows 8 on PC in front of you.

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