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There are an endless number of alternates to the native S60 browser out there now days, including Skyfire, Bolt and Opera mini. But today I stumbled accross a new one over on the Daily Mobile forums called Digita.

It is still in beta and has the odd few bugs and niggles which need to be addressed, however the whole experience, in my opinion easily surpasses that of the in built s60 web browser. The interface is nice and clean in contrast to our phones native browser and it supports flash to.

There is also the neat ability, like the N97 does, of automatically switching the device to full screen once the webpage is fully loaded. This is something I believe makes the whole viewing experience a lot more pleasant. There is also the option to have
multiple windows open (the same as tabs on a desktop) in order to seamlessly browser different webpages at
the same time much like the iPhone. Â Hopefully the slowness will be improved in future releases, oh and I ’ve noticed that when you want to log into something securely i.e Facebook, the application just closes itself. But anyway, why not give it a try and see what you think.

The full list of features are

listed below:

Browser UI features

* Full finger touch UI

* Accelerated panning

* Automatic full screen browsing

via auto-hiding controls

* Multiple browser windows

* Page rotation for portrait and

landscape browsing

* Multiple zoom levels

* Password manager

* Intelligent Bookmark

functionality (auto-sorting)

* Bookmark folders

* Bookmark favicons

* URL auto-complete (from


* ‘Page loading in progress’


* Text select for copy/paste

* RSS feeds

Browser Engine features

* HTML 4.01

* True web page rendering

* JavaScript(tm) 1.5

* HTTP 1.1 with support to

secure and non-secure browsing

* HTTP cache

* HTTP cookies

* AJAX support

* Flash content support

* Netscape compatible Plug-in


Digia @Web uses the webkit engine of the Qt 4.5 platform in Maemo and the S60 webkit engine in the S60 version. Other users of the webkit browser engine include Apple Safari browser, iPhone, Google Android and Nokia S60 browser. Digia will contribute source code modifications of the webkit engine to open-source.


S60 5.0 / Symbian^1 phones,
for example:
Nokia 5230
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
Nokia N97
Nokia N97 mini
Nokia X6
Samsung i8910 HD SonyEricsson Satio

Maemo devices capable of running Qt, for example:
Nokia N800
Nokia N810

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