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Spyro the Dragon (1998/ENG/RUS)
1998 | PC | English/Russian | Developer : Insomniac Games | 0.99GB
Genres : Arcade

Spyro the Dragon the first game from Insomniac Games Spyro the dragon began a series Spyro the Dragon. The evil wizard Gnasti Gnork (Gnasty Gnorc) enchanted kingdom of dragons. All hope for a little Spyro. He called for the release of their relatives and related worlds from the oppression of the dark forces, and save all the stolen dragon eggs. 

Spyro the Dragon (1998/ENG/RUS) 
The game features nice graphics, original and dynamic gameplay.
Soundtracks recorded Steward Copeland and a group of Police.
Spyro have meetings with wise dragons, battles with a variety of enemies and challenging tasks and adventures. He will be the worlds craftsmen canyon peacekeepers in wizards monstrostroiteley earth, the world of dreamers and, with luck, will meet face to face with the treacherous Gnasti Gnorkom.
29 levels connected by a system of portals, which allows non linear and pass the game repeatedly to return to the right place.
Spyro can butt, spit fire and a little soar on the wings.
Dragonet helps faithful friend dragonfly Sparks.

Additional Information
Released games on PS One: 1998
Release Group / author builds: By Ma2012ks
+ In the folder with a game shall be the whole of the game Soundtrack (Stewart Copeland)

Install and run
1. Mount image
2. Install the game
3. Play!
Running game: in the settings, select Start, then file to run (in the folder with a game).

System requirements : 
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel 2.4 GHz or equivalent AMD
Memory: 256 512 MB ??
Video: DirectX 9 compatible video card, GeForce 6600 class, ATI X1300 or higher
Sound card : DirectX 9 compatible sound card
Additional software: DirectX 9

Spyro the Dragon (1998/ENG/RUS)

Spyro the Dragon (1998/ENG/RUS)

Spyro the Dragon (1998/ENG/RUS)



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