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The Sims™ 3 Store [DLC] (26.08.2012)
Official paid and free items from the store The Sims ™ 3 Store. Additions placed in folders in chronological order of their appearance. Informal (custom) objects to this distribution will not be added.

The Sims™ 3 Store [DLC] (26.08.2012) 

Installation methods
1. Copy all the files in the sims3pack Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3 \ Downloads
2. Start the launcher
3. Set content
The game does not seem like a huge pile of things when it shoved at a time. When I tried it this distribution and cram, you got in your DCCache a healthy file is several gigabytes, and the game was nothing. Then again I blew DCCache and DCBackup in the folder of The Sims 3, and began anew:
1) Put only the first of a launcher, went into the game checked - there were.
2) Clean the folder Downloads, DCBackup
3) The cast of the items in Downloads Update 01 - June 2009, established a program launcher, cleaned folders Downloads, DCBackup.
4) threw the next one hundred sims3pakov of the following folders, setting, point 2 and repeat this cycle until the end sims3paki.

Changes in the distribution
The current distribution has always been sims3paki already processed rekompressor. With this update, the hand sims3paki replaced all the original / raw / unmodified, except for the following two:
# SmoothCruisnSet (ru-RU: A set of "better approach" \ en-US: Smooth Cruis'n Set)
# SportswearCAS (ru-RU: The form of the Champion \ en-US: True Champion Sports Wear)
Therefore, to avoid problems, I recommend you uninstall the previous distribution, or download the current distribution in a folder other than the one in which you downloaded earlier. Keep in mind that some sims3paki were replaced in exactly the same, ie Some sets were processed replaced by rough objects (which it includes) separately, or vice versa, some processed items have been replaced by one raw set that includes these items. The list below shows only the changes in August.
Added by:
Sunlit_Tides_Deluxe (ru-RU: Sanli Tides \ en-US: Sunlit Tides)
bedSingleMilitaryFlagPosts (ru-RU: Bed "lonely outpost of Dreams" \ en-US: The Fortress of Lonely Dreams)
chairDiningRustic (ru-RU: Chair "beam and bolt" \ en-US: Bar & Bolt Meal Chair)
Diesel55DSL_Set (ru-RU: Sim-shirt fektnaya 55DSL \ en-US: Sim-tacular 55DSL T-Shirts)
sculptureStatueWizard (ru-RU: Statue magician, speaker \ en-US: Granite Magus of the Vociferation)
starfishSet (ru-RU: Pretty starfish \ en-US: Spectacular Starfish)
tableDiningDragonLegs2x1 (ru-RU: Table 'Dragon Grabvilya "\ en-US: Aarbyville Dragon Table)
tableDiningFarmer2x1 (ru-RU: Table "beam and bolt" \ en-US: Bar & Bolt Supper Board)
treeHibiscusSet (ru-RU: Three Hibiscus \ en-US: Hibiscus Trio)
Program TS3CreateResourceCfg v1.0.1.2
Program S3Repacker (rekompressorny module from sInt2) from v1.5.1.41 to v1.5.3.43
Program S3PackageViewer with v1.0.8.109 to v1.0.9.110
Program Sims3PackEditor with v0.3.1.15 to v0.9.0.19
Maud ccmerged_decrapped.package / ccmerged.package
Maud KT_StoreFix_DecrapFixes.package
Program Sims3Pack Multi Installer
Program CreateResourceCfg

The Sims™ 3 Store [DLC] (26.08.2012)

The Sims™ 3 Store [DLC] (26.08.2012)

The Sims™ 3 Store [DLC] (26.08.2012)

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